Feb 11, 2017


Hello! I just need to get this of my chest, either I wrote this as a stress relief as what happened (of course, I ain't tell the story out of privacy) or I'm kinda pissed off, welp. Gotta get readeh for sum of dat triggered comments, obviously this is my opinion ( ;) ) and u shouldn't really be offended by this thing.

So, what's opinion? Well, obviously it's a conversation where people stated their thoughts about something. For example, people did this or that or an object has been invented, maybe some agree or disagree. So there's opinion where people stated how their thoughts about it. Well, our generation are kinda messed up as that no longer acceptable as people has no logic about opinion or don't even bother about it, I saw on comments on YouTube about people disagree about it and other people started getting triggered and say some harsh stuff about them. And I get that too, well not on the Internet though (still havin life lol) and I gotta say something about this.

Of course, maybe some people don't think that something or that is not a good idea, so what you'll do? DON'T JUST GET UPSET AND YELL AT THEM FOR NOT HAVING A SAME IDEA AS YOU! If you're thinking that your opinion is the only one who is acceptable and others dont, well you are basically not ready for this world as there's gonna be some people who think otherwise. Instead of yelling at them for being "dumb", why don't you just consider it, maybe those people who you thought "dumb" are right. If you're thought that you are smarter because your opinion are "the only one which is acceptable" then the "dumb one", well you aren't as you don't take something rationally.

I still pissed about this stuff, and obviously I gotta stand up for some people who got hurted by people calling them stupid or mock them for having opinion. Seriously, does this "opinion people" have a heart to even consider this stuff? Didn't think so.

Welp, can't stop them right? Besides, our generation at its worst. Welp, gtg bruh. K, bye (^<^)/

Jan 30, 2017

Overused Word

Ughh, just Had to make this just to release this out of my mind. Racism. What's that? Oh, u didn't know? Here's the picture above. It's originally "supposed to mean" someone who's hating on another race and their culture until the fact that even someone beat them, mock them, and bully them just because of their race. I do realize that this is a serious topic in our society and we should do something about it to prevent it from happening. NOWDAYS, people use the word "racist" too much until the fact that it doesn't even make sense. Not even helping, but making the real issue of racism even worse. People use racist word to someone who's actually genuinely interest in some cultures, example *cough *cough Japan *cough. And rules of Western, appreciate people who follow their trend and culture or something, BUT mock, insult, bully, and wish them to kill themselves (yes, that's what most comments on yt is about these days, kys) people who like another culture and actually want to follow them because interest and actually make an effort of it. I saw the majority people call someone racist because what they're doing when they're trying to do something trendy from that country. I mean, c'mon even people who wear makeup that's trendy from Japan is called weaboo (which some people who call someone else weaboo have intrest on anime, hypocrite) and racist while get praised and get to call beautiful, sexy while wearing a western makeup. TREND AND CULTURE IS A DIFFERENT THING, HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE PEOPLE GEEZ. Even me, who before have less knowledge on what's racism at least have some common sense on when to use the word racist. Really, people? Really? If this is the world we're living in, I'm not even surprised that the attack is going on based on racism, because some people instead of trying to figure it out on how to love each races happens to attack each other. Please, we can cooperate and fix this together. I have no idea how to end this, I mean I was upset while writing this, so here's my advice.... STOP SAYING THE WORD RACIST ON SOMETHING THAT'S EITHER TRENDY OR JUST SOMETHING THAT DON'T EVEN RELATE TO THE HATRED TOWARDS ANOTHER. Please...

Jan 19, 2017

The Deep Web

Hello there. I haven't post anything here lol. Meh, too lazy. Anyway, gotta stories to tell yall.

I have a confession... I ACTUALLY really wanting to see the deep web. Yes, I know it's a darkest place, gonna scarce meh 4 lifu. I still haven't done any yet obviously, lol. Didn't want to get arrested by FBI or CIA lol.

So what is the deep web or the dark web? Well, I'm just gonna give yall a screenshot.
Aka an illegal websites which contain some messed up stuff there, and there're alot of creepypasta about the deep web. Now, I have no clue why but I'm curious to see how messed up the deep web actually is. There are some ways to access there, but I don't reccomended it, as first it's already a dark place, second if  FBI knows about u access the deep web, they gonna get ur lifu and dunk u in prison lol. I don't honestly care about dark stuff at there as I've already seen dark stuff. Like when I was a little, ya know when ya like, "hey, i thought of wanting to draw at one place,".... I LITERALLY DREW A STICK PEOPLE HOLDING A STOP SIGN, IT GOT FALL, HIT HIS HEAD N DIED, LITERALLY! I'm an one messed up child lol.


K, bye lol [^3^]/

Jan 7, 2017

Sup! :D

Hi, it's been a long, long time since I don't post something on my blog. I mean, c'mon, man. Meh too lazy for this, bruh. I don't even like to write. Although I did make a YouTube vid, Yay. Although I wish I could find a way to record my ipad screen without pc and with in game sound since my iPad mic don't work, no clue why though. Btw, here's an update. Will I've ever make another blog? Meh, maybe not lol. I have the biggest exam this year (if yall live in Malaysia, it's PT3) so I might probably should stop procrastinating and start study like for real. 

K, bye [^<^]/

Dec 8, 2016

What I've Been Doin During Dis Holidays

Hi! I have a lotsa time fu dis holiday. Yay \^D^/ So, wut am i doin with my existence during this holiday? Well, just liek another normal human being, I'm not doin gr8, if u ask meh. I did sleep, which my sleep pattern is kinda messed up, I should probably fix dat.... yup. Then I eat, fu some reason I keep eating instant noodles which tbh not really good for your health, but it's delicious, and i'll be liek yolo plus we will die someday, welp dat turn out dark, lol. Don't worry, every single time of my childhood is... pretty dark if ya ask meh. And the terror of past and also the voices inside my head which cause me sum crippling depression.... yup, my lifu is messed up. And also I watch YouTube, cause im still a fandom trash. I do play games. Here's one fu ya. I thought of making a post about Fallout Shelter since it's pretty guud.
Dis game is guud. I will post it later. Then when it's done, u can click on my beautiful, beautiful vault ;3
K, gtg byeeeee [^<^]/

Dec 6, 2016

How To Make Another Page Filled With Label Posts & Remove 'Show Posts With (Label)' Message

Halo there ^3^ Yup, another tutorial, let's go!
So, you did wanna make another page that's fill with posts, but u need to know the difference between Static Page and Post Page first.
Static Page
It's a page where it's hidden unless u give the link to someone or u put on menu lists widgets like this=
Posts Page
It's a page filled with posts, which I'm gonna show u how to make one, here's demo that is the page that's about story=

Labels are important too in this step, so here we go :3

>How To Make Another Page Filled With Label Posts=

1. Write a post. I'm using this as an example.

2. On Post Settings, there are few stuff. Click Label.

3. Add the label name that you want to add as page. You can also add some label for fun, which is optional.

4. Click Done on that Label, then publish the post to your blog.

5. When you see your blog, go to the post that you recently posted. When you see the label text on posts footer (please turn it on incase you didn't see the label, maybe you didn't add it on layout from blogger dashboard). Click the label that you have chosen for the page name. 

6. Copy the link of the label posts url.

7. Go to Blogger Layout, add page widget in case you didn't add it yet. You will see the 'Page To Show'. There's two choices, static post which the only thing you'll do is mark it to make it viewable, and the one that we wanted is there's 'Add External Link' .

8. Click that link and you will see the page name that you wanted to add it, and the url link that will bring you to. Paste the url and add the page name that you wanted to put.

9. Click done and here ya go!

>How To Remove 'Show All Posts With '(Name)' Label' Text

(Btw, html code by HELPLOGGER, thanks :3)

1.Go to Templates, Edit HTML (I suggest u to backup ur template incase u messed something, its kind of optional for the people who get used to the html coding stuff).

2. Click inside the code then select Ctrl+f, search this ( <b:includable id='status-message'> ), enter.

3. Click the arrow thingy or the three dots, whatever u choose, cause the main thingy is to expand the code.

4. Replace this code by delete the code=

     <b:includable id='status-message'>
      <b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
      <div class='status-msg-wrap'>
        <div class='status-msg-body'>
        <div class='status-msg-border'>
          <div class='status-msg-bg'>
            <div class='status-msg-hidden'><data:navMessage/></div>
      <div style='clear: both;'/>

then add this one=

<b:includable id='status-message'>
<b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
<div style='clear: both;'/>

As u can see, I already change one, and im just too lazy to change something.

5. Click the Save Template button, view ur blog, and check the blog, and there ya go!

If dat's work, then it's work. Tell me if its not working, u might left something there.
K, bye ['3']/

Nov 28, 2016

You Have One Job, Man

Hi, I have no clue if it's just me or it's Blogger bug. I just, uggghhhhh.
Google, fix ur stuff, man. I mean, I coulod get use to it, but it's annoying, man. There are some bugs. First, the post, when I try to save it or publish it, or close it, aka cancel post, it's just goes to a new post, which I didn't click it, it's just there, blank, and when I tried to cancel it, it's there... As draft. I delete it and refresh it. I don't mind, but it's annoying. Now I'm having a writing block, guud job, brain, just.. guud..
Now you might be thinking, why not just report this bug to Google? Im too lazy, besides, I could just find alternatives if I found. Plus, it's not much to complain about.
Now that I remember more bug, Im just gonna say it. Second, you remove Blogger app from iPad. This cause me some hard time trying to download a third party app for Blogger. The first app that I found have a full version which u need to pay. WHY EVEN NEED TO PAY?! EVEN BLOGGER DOESN'T NEED TO PAY FOR IT. Then I found another, well it was good, I guess :/
So, yeah. Just releasing sum stress.
K, bye [O_O]/

Copyright Stuff

Hallo! You probably know the word "copyright". Oh, what's dat? U dun know? Dun worry, I got ya, bruh=
Short story, someone make a video or a picture, so each time u use it, u did have to ask for permission unless it's either u should paid for it, or it's free to use (just some need to be credited to) and the owner did not allowed people to use. When people use or reupload their content without permission, it's kind of against law and it could cause the owner to remove or report the content. And there's piracy, wut's dat? U don't know again? Lemme tell ya ;3 =
It's recommended that u should support the original owner for the content to supporting their work. I did say "recommended" cause people ain't care anyway, cause YOLO baby. But it's strongly not recommended that u should watch or reupload something that is not legal to use. The reasons is not only illegal, but also that ain't support the creator to make more content. There are some sites that's allow piracy. I will put some websites that are allow to use aka legal.
K, bye [^3^]/

Nov 26, 2016

Another Segment

Hi, so yup. I enter another segment, I did told ya dat I don't really like the part where u have to follow someone and stuff. But other then dat, shoutout is ok, cause it could help some author to grow and make their blog famous or well known by many people. So, yup ^3^
K, bye [$<$]/

Super Boredom Powehhhhhh ಠ_ಠ

Sup! I did wrote something similar about boredom. But ya know wut? I'm doin it again, son. During dis holiday, I did try my best to add some stuff on my blog and add some easter egg, lol. But it took me like a lot of stress and rage cause I can't even found something useful. Agggghhhhhh!!!!! I just hope I'll be liek, nope and quit (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ But with ma determination, I'll try again son. I ain't give up. And also I keep having flashback about stuff (haha, jokes on you, you thought I will tell ya, muahahahahahahaha >=D) so I'll feel like, whyyyyyyy??????? I regret everything dat I do with ma lifu
K, bye [@3@]/
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