Feb 11, 2017


Hello! I just need to get this of my chest, either I wrote this as a stress relief as what happened (of course, I ain't tell the story out of privacy) or I'm kinda pissed off, welp. Gotta get readeh for sum of dat triggered comments, obviously this is my opinion ( ;) ) and u shouldn't really be offended by this thing.

So, what's opinion? Well, obviously it's a conversation where people stated their thoughts about something. For example, people did this or that or an object has been invented, maybe some agree or disagree. So there's opinion where people stated how their thoughts about it. Well, our generation are kinda messed up as that no longer acceptable as people has no logic about opinion or don't even bother about it, I saw on comments on YouTube about people disagree about it and other people started getting triggered and say some harsh stuff about them. And I get that too, well not on the Internet though (still havin life lol) and I gotta say something about this.

Of course, maybe some people don't think that something or that is not a good idea, so what you'll do? DON'T JUST GET UPSET AND YELL AT THEM FOR NOT HAVING A SAME IDEA AS YOU! If you're thinking that your opinion is the only one who is acceptable and others dont, well you are basically not ready for this world as there's gonna be some people who think otherwise. Instead of yelling at them for being "dumb", why don't you just consider it, maybe those people who you thought "dumb" are right. If you're thought that you are smarter because your opinion are "the only one which is acceptable" then the "dumb one", well you aren't as you don't take something rationally.

I still pissed about this stuff, and obviously I gotta stand up for some people who got hurted by people calling them stupid or mock them for having opinion. Seriously, does this "opinion people" have a heart to even consider this stuff? Didn't think so.

Welp, can't stop them right? Besides, our generation at its worst. Welp, gtg bruh. K, bye (^<^)/

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